"My first balloon ride was the day that changed my life..."
- Pilot, Bill Geeson.
"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."

- Henry Miller


Hot Air Balloon Rides in Del Mar, Coachella Valley, and Joshua Tree, California


See Life From a Different View.



Some people say that flying in a balloon is the sensation without sensations. As the balloon lifts off the ground by superheating the regular air inside, the balloon defies the force of gravity and you begin to float upon a cushion of wind.

No bumping. No bounce. No turbulence.

Peace amongst the clouds as you soar over the beautiful panorama below. Sand and sea, rolling hills or desert landscapes, the magnificent views will take your breath away as you leisurely soar high above the earth below.

Whether celebrating an ANNIVERSARY, BIRTHDAY, ENGAGEMENT, OR OTHER SPECIAL OCCASIONS; or you just want to get off the planet, you will fly safely with your experienced pilot, Bill Geeson. Piloting balloons since 1991, Bill and his crew are the perfect hosts for this thrilling and memorable experience. They will make you feel welcome, safe and secure as you lift-off in our state-of-the-art balloons and enter an ethereal world.

Our elegant balloons are not only comfortable and secure but adds to the beauty of your voyage. At the end of every flight, we complete your extraordinary trip with either a champagne, apple cider, or orange juice toast, the Ballooner's Prayer, and a short history of ballooning.

Check out our photo gallery and see some of the amazing moments captured by us and our guests and please contact us to discuss scheduling a date for this one-of-a-kind experience.

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